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Fissure Fondation inc and eco-conception

Given the very large number of companies in Canada, the environmental impact has become an issue over the years. Depending on its activity, a company emits pollutants that can endanger human health, the environment and climate change. When Fissure Fondation inc / Injection Tomassini developed its products in the laboratory, it had become imperative to take the step of eco-conception.

What is eco-conception?

Eco-conception is an approach aimed at better respecting the environment through the

different stages of the product life cycle. When analyzing a product to design, there are several important aspects to consider.

- An analysis of the product life cycle must be made. We have to calculate the impacts on product creation until it becomes waste.

- When designing, we must keep in mind that sustainability is an asset. A product that is used only once, reduces energy consumption and pollutant emissions.

- The choice of materials is important. Recyclable, renewable and biodegradable materials should be considered when developing the product.

The product of Fissure Fondation inc/Injection Tomassini

Always keeping in mind the concept of ecodesign, Fissure Fondation inc / Injection Tomassini therefore developed its injection system and its water-repellant, hydrophobic, one-component synthetic resin. First, by creating its own product, the research and development department reduced the number of suppliers, and therefore the polluting emissions. Otherwise, several suppliers would have had to work on the materialization process and provide transportation to deliver their products. The solution offered by Fissure Fondation inc / Tomassini Injection is final. Why? The resin used to repair cracks was designed for extreme durability. It attaches securely to all kinds of walls, preventing any possibility of water infiltration. It can also be applied at any temperature. This single use reduces consumption and thereby the environmental impact.

Safe for the environment

The resin applied during the repair is non-toxic. It does not contain any solvent and it does not emit any odor. The solution is final so it prevents possible gas leaks, pesticides and all accidental spills. It also puts an end to corrosion affecting the reinforcement. The product is hydrophobic and it avoids contaminating groundwater for decades. Several contaminants from septic systems can enter groundwater such as bacteria, viruses, detergents and household products. So far, they have used this process to seal foundations, but also tunnels. The product therefore withstood the pressure of river and river water. Eco-conception is still a young practice in Quebec. However, this is an inevitable innovation process, if we take a look at the shortness of our planet. Fissure Fondation inc / Injection Tomassini is proof that we can offer a quality product while reducing environmental impacts.

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