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Foundation crack, causes and solutions

It is often said that a house is the project of a lifetime. As with any project to build, your house must be on a good foundation. You will understand that the role of the foundation is to support your greatest investment. Obviously, the weight of years can damage a foundation. Several questions may come to your mind: What can damage it? When does it become imperative to repair cracks in your floor? This is what we will try to explain to you in the next paragraphs.

What exactly causes cracks on a foundation?

Several factors can explain cracks in a foundation. The harshness of the Quebec climate is a

dominant factor. In the cold winter months, all the materials in a house compact and so does

the concrete in the foundation. When the mercury rises, the variability of the climate makes the house work. If your home is located on clay soil, the chance of cracks appearing increases considerably. Indeed, this type of soil drinks water when there is a drought and when there is an accumulation of bad weather, it can collapse. The quality of concrete can also be the cause of cracks. This condition, combined with the weather conditions during installation, can have an impact on the solidity of your floor.

When should we consider repairing cracks in the house foundation?

The wear of time does its work on man but it also does its work on the foundations of a house. Our most powerful weapon against these effects is prevention. Prompt handling of cracks is recommended to prevent damage from reaching the interior of the home. The first step, when you are considering redesigning your basement, should be to make sure the foundation is tight. Otherwise, traces of mold could appear in the spaces between the concrete of the foundation and your walls. Complete decontamination would be mandatory before renovating and you don't want to get to this point of no return. Your happy aesthetic renovation project could become a nightmare for your wallet. In addition, mold can cause harmful effects on human health and the immune system.

What are the most common problems?

Cracks, seepage, sagging, the presence of pyrite, radon, or ferrous ocher are all problems that lead to deterioration. The real problem arises when you wait too long before making the repair.

What are you going to adopt as a solution?

Simply replacing your concrete slab should not be an option. The necessary excavation could jeopardize your landscaping. As a result, the total cost of such an approach would be doubled or even tripled. Repair using a box from the local hardware store is not recommended. If the solution seems satisfactory in the short term, it will not be final. To avoid having to cross your fingers behind your back, opt for crack repair by injection of water-reactive synthetic resin, with the injection process of Fissure Fondation inc / Injection Tomassini. With our technology developed in the laboratory, our technicians on site apply a variant pressure from 1 pound to 5000 pounds as needed. The horizontal and vertical penetration of the product makes it possible to seal any crack size, even microcracks.

Research and technology

Fissure Fondation inc / Injection Tomassini takes care to offer a quality product to its customers. To develop its expertise, the company has set up a laboratory to perfect research and development. The hydrophobic type resin developed by experienced technicians was subjected to numerous tests. The product is non-toxic and is not harmful to the environment. It attaches to any type of wall and at any temperature.To propel the product into the cavities of the walls, it was necessary to develop a system on measured. In 2015, the company created its first mass production of injection pump unique. The injection port manufactured by the company had to be highly resistant to pressure. In order for the water-reactive synthetic resin to spread everywhere, it was necessary to design a resistant and efficient system. The manufacture of pieces of equipment was necessary to meet a specific need. Who else is better placed to develop a product than the company that handles it for these interventions during crack repairs?

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