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How to choose the right tree to plant on your property

To plant a tree is to plant life. It’s also a gesture that helps improve the environment. The list of reasons why a tree is important is long. They purify the air, they can act as a noise barrier, they are oxygen producers and they provide shade on sunny summer days. There are many municipalities that require every resident to have at least one tree on their property. If your construction is new, you may have to plant a tree one year after your arrival. There are many species of trees. So the question is, which one to choose?

The peculiarity of clay soil

In the St. Lawrence Valley, the soil is largely composed of clay. The peculiarity of this type of soil is that it contracts during periods of drought. During the hot summer months, it’s not just us who are hot, the trees too. In fact, when the mercury is on the rise, trees tend to drink from the water sources around them. The result is that the clay dries twice and contracts. Cracks in the foundation may appear as a result of this movement of the soil. Poplar, willow, elm, maple and oak are trees that are used to being in a humid environment. These trees drink a lot of water. They are not advised.

Choosing a tree with accommodating roots

A tree will always try to grow as best as it can. However, there are trees with denser roots than others. The woody roots are as solid as the structure of the tree. Like a house foundation, woody roots are the mainstay of leaf mass. So we have to choose a tree with roots that will grow more in depth than in length.

Which one to choose?

According to several botanists, the Japanese lilac is a perfect tree for a small residential plot. Its flowering is dense and it can give you the advantage of giving you gray areas. Its roots grow deeper. So there is no problem that they attack foundations and pipeline pipes. Another perfect tree is the serviceberry. It has remarkable ornamental qualities when the seasons change. Its flowering is less dense. So if you're trying not to lose the outside light when you're in the house, this is a tree for you. The serviceberry is easy to grow and it is undemanding. In addition, it produces an edible fruit very pleasant to the taste.

Keep in mind that the presence of trees is beneficial. It adds extra value and character to your property. The advice from Fissure Fondation inc / Injection Tomassini is that regardless of your final choice on the species, you must keep in mind to plant your tree at least 3 meters from the soil of the house.

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