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The importance of gutters

We want to draw your attention to the damage that water can do to your property in winter. Indeed, with the temperature differences that we experience during the winter, it becomes important and even essential to keep the water away from the edges of the foundation by moving the gutters away from the ground.

During a warm spell after several centimeters of rain, the ground is less frozen near the foundation, because we heat the basement in the house, the water seeps. The cause is that there were previously foundation cracks. If you need to repair a foundation crack, call an expert.

Rainwater from the roof can also harm the vegetation around the house and increase the risk of moisture build-up at the foundations. This could damage your materials and form mold and efflorescence. In fact, the absence of a gutter is a very likely cause of water infiltration through the walls. To keep accumulated water away from the roof more than 10 feet from the foundation, you can jeopardize a promise to purchase if you are in the process of selling the home.

What we recommend are extensions at the bottom of the gutters. Recovered by drains or gutters, the water accumulated on the roof will be removed from the foundations. This is necessary if you want to prevent water from collecting near the foundation walls or overloading your French drain.

What material to choose for its gutters?

Several choices of gutters are available on the market, with varying impacts on the environment.

- PVC (vinyl): the most affordable, but not recommended, because it degrades on contact with ultra-violet (UV) rays, releasing particles harmful to health and is very sensitive to temperature variations.

- Aluminum: light, lifespan of about ten years, recyclable.

- Copper: more expensive, but generally last as long as the house. It is necessary to entrust its installation to a contractor (welding).

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